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About Me

My name is RJ BAUTISTA, I was born in the Philippines but I mostly grew up and currently living in Manchester, United Kingdom. I have been in the fitness industry for over 5 years. I used to be a fat lad before I realised this lifestyle. I’ve started from scratch without any knowledge in the industry. I’ve used my own body for a life changing experiment. I did thousand of researches and have spent a lot of quality time training and learning just to get this body that I’ve always wanted.

My diet and my own personalised workout routine are very important in my lifestyle. In fact, from being fat I’ve learned so much and gained the right knowledge on how to eat proper food and mixed it with proper workout which I progressed a lot from the past and still progressing and learning each day of my life. My journey wasn't easy at all. I experienced good and bad times and sometimes when I always feel like quitting I just remember why I started. I train 4 times a week and my workout splits in a week are (2x) upper body workout and (2x) lower body with core/abs strengthen routine each workout set. I’m a flexible dieter which means I eat whatever I want but with a limit of food intake everyday. I count and monitor my macros or macronutrients for maximum result. I also do yoga and cooking while I'm on my rest day which is part of my lifestyle.

I also do everyday blog or story on my instagram page @rjfitness__ so I can show to people everything that I do and hopefully I can help and motivate them as well as achieving their fitness goal too.

About Me

Why Nutrition Is The Key?

NUTRITION is number one key to lose those belly fats combined with some good core exercises and strength training routine. If you can’t control your diet you won’t get the abs that you always work for. It doesn’t matter how hard you train in the gym or how many sit ups you are doing if your nutrition is poor there’s NO change and result.


I’m a flexible dieter for more than 6 years! It means I eat whatever I want but not much as I want. Got it? I count calories that I eat every day and I have my personal calories in take set up how much I need to consume of "carbs, protein and fat" and total calories or macros everyday. Typically I can eat any kind of food which I can track their calories whether brownies, rice, chicken, pasta, egg etc.. not just broccoli and salad only.


Remember diet is number one key + good and effective training plan to lose body fat and achieve the body that you always wanted.

Goals And Motivations

Basically I always get asked how to lose body fat or belly fat? And my always answer is proper nutrition and effective training routine. Here I will share with you my knowledge and experience so you can achieve the body that you always wanted.

What Motivates Me To Go To The Gym?

My goals, my dedication, my dreams and aspiration for the future. Also it motivates and satisfies my physical and mental needs. I sleep so much better with satisfaction feeling and it's a good stress reliever too!

Aside from physical changes, what other changes have you experienced from leading a healthier lifestyle?

I boosted more self confidence on how to communicate with people and I learned how to eat proper and nutritional food. I have also learned how to handle challenges and how to maintain a positive attitude plus I gained strength and more energy which I never thought I would have achieved it. Over all apart from physical changes I have also experienced how to work hard, be patient and reach my goal without quitting or giving up at all.

RJ Bautista

How much weight did I lose?

In total kilograms I lost 20kgs. I was almost 85kgs before I started my fitness journey and by time to time my body weight has gone down to 75kgs-70kgs. At the moment, I’m just over 65kgs due to my first Men’s Physique competition coming up.

What are your secrets on how to achieve your fitness goal?

I’ve made a list where I always read every time I got lack of motivation and I will share this with you.
1. Determine Your Goals, 2. Maintain a Positive Attitude, 3. Leave Your Personal Problem Aside, 4. Be Passionate, 5. Upgrade Your Knowledge And Skills, 5. Decrease Or Eliminate Energy Drains, 6. Practice Self-Talk, 7. Confront Challenges And Fear, 8. Meditate, 9. Acknowledge And Rewared Success.
This is my list that I practice almost everyday which helps me motivate and achieve my fitness goal day in, day out.

My Body Building Programs

My body-building secret lies within these two eBooks.
1. Six Pack Meal Plan
2. Powerbuilding Training Plan

These books were carefully devised based on my own body transformation experience.

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